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The Youth Ambassadors Program aims to unify young professionals from crisis-affected regions who are willing to conduct cancer research, raise awareness about the impact of the crisis on cancer care and cancer patients in their communities, advocate for equal accessibility of cancer prevention, screening, and care, and share their own experience. 


The Youth Ambassadors should have a strong sense of responsibility, show commitment to their communities, and have strong interpersonal leadership skills. 


The program will create a network of young cancer researchers and cancer care advocates, which, in turn, will make room for further opportunities. 

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What Participants Gain from the Program?

The Youth Ambassadors will have a chance to attend online and on-site training and seminars. Will be encouraged to conduct joint research papers and get support in the publication process. 

Eligibility Requirements

The candidates must:


  • Be a citizen and resident of a conflict-affected country

  • Be between 18-35 years old 

  • Demonstrate leadership potential

  • Have a relevant background (e.g. medical students, nurses, social workers, general practitioners, oncologists, public health specialists, researchers, etc.) 

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