Expert Interviews Project 

Background Information


Cancer treatment often loses priority during a crisis. Armed conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics, civil strife, and other types of crises disrupt the health care system of the affected region, creating additional barriers to costly cancer diagnosis and treatment. Blocked roads, lack of human and material resources, direct threats to people's lives place an additional burden on already vulnerable cancer patients. When a natural disaster strikes, health care providers struggle to provide much-needed emergency care, and under these circumstances, cancer treatment is often neglected.


In addition to the inaccessibility of cancer care, these regions often face difficulties in conducting quality cancer research. This, in turn, makes it difficult to obtain and analyze the available data, leading to an inadequate understanding of the situation and the necessary interventions.

About the Project

The Expert Interviews project was designed to educate a global audience and raise awareness about the impact of different types of crises on cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in an accessible way.


As part of the project, experts in the field will share their personal experiences and observations on the barriers to quality cancer care and cancer research in crisis-affected regions through freely accessible video interviews published on the official YouTube channel of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis. 


The audience will also learn about possible mechanisms to mitigate the burden of crises on cancer patients and the ways cancer care providers, policymakers, and cancer patients can prepare for future catastrophes.